5th International Conference on Materials and Applications for Sensors and Transducers

September 27-30, 2015
Mykonos, Greece

Proceedings contents

  1. Raman sensors for the control and improvement of optical materials
    Fontana M.
  2. Attractive mechanical properties of a lightweight highly sensitive bi layer thermistor: polycarbonate/organic molecular conductor
    Laukhina E. , Lebedev V. , Laukhin V. , Rovira C. , Veciana J.
  3. Highly sensitive multi-layer pressure sensor with an active nanostructured layer of an organic molecular metal
    Laukhin V. , Lebedev V. , Laukhina E. , Rovira C. , Veciana J.
  4. Precize sensing and selection of molecules by the interface between the metal nanocluster and the oxide support
    Khubezhov S. , Silaev I. , Gergieva B. , Tvauri I. , Ramonova A. , Grigorkina G. , Kibizov D. , Magkoeva V. , Ashkhotov O. , Sozaev V. , Sozanov V. , Bliev A. , Fukutani K. , Magkoev T.
  5. Assessment of Material Properties of Gallium Orthophosphate Single Crystal Elements for Development of Phased Array Probes for Continuous Operation at 580°C
    Kostan M. , Mohimi A. , Nageswaran C. , Kappatos V. , Cheng L. , Gan T. , Wrobel L. , Selcuk C.
  6. LED-based NDIR open path natural gas analyzer
    Fanchenko S. , Baranov A. , Savkin A. , Sleptsov V. , Sleptsov V.
  7. Baromagnetic effect and magnetostriction in antiperovskite structured Mn3XN compounds
    Wang C.
  8. The roles of intrinsic point defects in bismuth telluride based thermoelectric materials
    Zhu T.
  9. Topology optimization of 3D compliant actuators by a sequential element rejection and admission method
    Ansola R. , Veguería E. , Alonso C. , Querin O.
  10. Physico-chemical mechanism for the vapours sensitivity of photoluminescent InP quantum dots
    Prosposito P. , Casalboni M. , De angelis R. , De matteis F. , Hatami F. , Masselink W. , Zhang H.
  11. Ag-doped titanium dioxide gas sensor
    Alaei_sheini N. , Rohani M.
  12. Critical aspects in the performance of carbon nanotubes modified electrodes
    Bollo S. , Silva P. , Baez D.
  13. Shape-Controlled Synthesis of Au Nanocrystals and their SERS Properties
    Zhang H. , Li D.
  14. Photoelectrocatalytic water splitting using nanostructured ZnO films modified with different sensitisers
    Hajduk S.
  15. Electrochemical detection of copper using electrodes modified with multiwalled carbon nanotubes
    Jara ulloa P.
  16. Thermoacoustic Energy Harvesting
    Avent A.
  17. Fast electrochemical actuator
    Uvarov I. , Postnikov A. , Svetovoy V.
  18. Ni/TiO2 Ultraviolet Detector
    Lajvardi M. , Jahangiri M.
  19. TiO₂-TiO₂ composite resistive humidity sensor: ethanol cross-sensitivity
    Ghalamboran M. , Saedi Y.
  20. Physiological parameters monitoring of fire-fighters by means of a wearable wireless sensor system
    Potirakis S. , Mitilineos S. , Chatzistamatis P. , Vassiliadis S. , Primentas A. , Kogias D. , Michailidis E. , Rangoussi M. , Kurşun bahadır S. , Atalay O. , Kalaoğlu F. , Sağlam Y.
  21. First-Principles Analysis on Seebeck Coefficient in Zinc Oxide Nanowires for Thermoelectric Devices
    Nakamura K.
  22. Using Granular Со-Al2O3 Spacer for Optimization of Functional Parameters of the FeMn/Fe20Ni80 Magnetoresistive Films
    Gorkovenko A. , Lepalovskij V. , Adanakova O. , Vas'kovskiy V.
  23. Innovative Colorimetric Sensor for Phenol Monitoring in Air and Water
    Borta A.
  24. Mo-doped WO3 Nanowire Hierarchical Structure With Enhanced Electrochromism in Visible-Infrared Region
    Tu J.
  25. A portable air-quality station based on thick film gas sensors for real time detection of traces of atmospheric pollutants
    Fioravanti A. , Bonanno A. , Gherardi S. , Carotta M. , Skouloudis A.
  26. Room Temperature Gas Sensor by Vertically Aligned Te Nanowires
    Jung H. , Go E. , Choi J.
  27. High frequency ultrasounds used as non destructive emulsification process for emulsifier free emulsion manufacturing
    Kaci M. , Arab-tehrany E. , Gillet G. , Desobry S.
  28. Investigation of photocatalytic activity of ZnO prepared by spray pyrolyis with various precursors
    Fouzia B.
  29. Copper oxide thin films for ethanol sensing
    Meryem L. , Fouzia B. , Amel A. , Mohammed salah A. , Nadir A.
  30. Deposition of Co-doped TiO2 Thin Films by sol-gel method
    Abderhamane B. , Fouzia B. , Mohammed M.
  31. Preparation and Characterization of a PEDOT-Manganese Oxide Composite, and Its Application to Electrochemical Sensing
    Arena A.
    Yañez C. , García M. , Ferreyra N.
  33. Metal composite as backing for ultrasonic transducers dedicated to non-destructive measurements in hostile environments
    Boubenia R. , Rosenkrantz E. , Despetis F. , Combette P. , Ferrandis J.
  34. Performance analysis of resistive switching devices based on BaTiO3 thin films
    Samardzic N. , Kojic T. , Vukmirovic J. , Tripkovic D. , Bajac B. , Srdic V. , Stojanovic G.
  35. Ultrasensitive Wearable Pressure Sensor Based on Cerium Doped Electrospun PVDF/Graphene Composite Nanofiber
    Garain S. , Mandal D.
  36. A new term of NS vs. EF to control an accurate load model for AlGaAs / GaAs
    Ilhem B. , Kerrour F.
  37. Observations of Polar domain boundaries in ferroelastic CaTiO3
    Yokota H.
  38. Open-circuit sensitivity model based on empirical parameters for a capacitive-type MEMS acoustic sensor
    Lee J. , Jeon J. , Je C. , Lee S. , Yang W. , Lee S.
  39. Formaldehyde gas sensor based on nanostructured nickel oxide and the microstructure effects on its response
    Lahem D. , Lontio fomekong R. , Lambi ngolui J. , Delcorte A. , Bilteryst L. , Debliquy M.
  40. Sound-maps of environmentally sensitive areas constructed from Wireless Acoustic Sensors Network data
    Michailidis E. , Liaperdos J. , Tatlas N. , Potirakis S. , Rangoussi M.
  41. Vapochromic and Magnetic Switching in Mixed Oxalate/Pyrazolate-Copper(II) Layers for Ammine Sensing
    Castro I.
  42. Cyclopean gauge factor of the strain-resistance transduction of indium oxide films
    Ivanco J.
  43. PZT thin films: from ultimate properties to piezoelectric microsystems
    Defay E.
  44. Electrochemical measurements on a droplet using gold microelectrodes
    Jenabi A. , Souri A. , Rastkhadiv A.
  45. Oxygen adsorption at noble metal/TiO2 junctions
    Hosseinbabaei F. , Alaei_sheini N. , Lajvardi M.
  46. Comparison of different feature reduction methods in the improvement of gas diagnosis of a temperature modulated resistive gas sensor
    Hosseini-golgoo S. , Ebrahimpour N.
  47. Discriminating among different tea leaves using an operating temperature-modulated tin oxide gas sensor
    Rastkhadiv A. , Jenabi A. , Souri A.
  48. Tin Oxide Microheater for Chemical Sensors
    Gharesi M. , Ansari M.
  49. The roles of intrinsic point defects in bismuth telluride based thermoelectric materials
    Zhao X.
  50. Integration of piezoelectric thin films into microsystems
    Le rhun G.
  51. Feasibility of Fe1-xMxS2 Buffer layer in Chalcogenide CIGS and CZTS Solar Cells
    Larabi A. , Boumaour M. , Bahfir A. , Ouarab N.
  52. Structural and optical characterization of Mn clusters/particles on SrTiO3 single cystal substrates
    Derİn H.
  53. Test
    Vlachos D.
  54. Highly Sensitive MEMS-Type Hydrogen Sensor with the Surface Modification of Pd Sensing Metal
    Kim J.
  55. Refractive index and extinction coefficient of doped polycrystalline silicon films in infrared spectrum
    Zhang X. , Zhang D.
  56. Realization and characterization of Polyaniline on porous silicon structures Application for gas sensing
    Ayat M. , Chiboub N. , Gabouze N. , Boarino L. , Kechouane M.
  57. Sensing element for detection of polar organic vapours on the base of polyaniline composite – Effect of substrate surface area
    Olejnik R. , Babar D. , Slobodian P. , Matyas J.
  58. Near Field Enhanced Optical Absorption in a New Type of Ultrathin Photodetectors
    Zohar M.
  59. The effect of Bi2O3added on the phase stability and electrical conductivity of YSZ
    Zhang Z.
  60. Nanostructured SnO2 thick films for gas sensor application: analysis of structural and electronic properties
    Miskovic G. , aleksic O. , Nikolic M. , Radosavljevic G. , Nicolics J. , Vasiljevic Z. , Lukovic M.
  61. Improving sensitivity of the polyurethane/CNT laminate strain sensor by controlled mechanical preload
    Slobodian P. , Olejnik R. , Matyas J. , Babar D.
  62. The effect of Bi2O3added on the phase stability and electrical
    Li J.
  63. The effect of Bi2O3 added on the phase stability and electrical conductivity of YSZ
    Jiang Y.
  64. Influence of losses on the output voltage of ferrite transformer in case of strong magnetic field in the core
    Gulbis A. , Malinovska D. , Stepins D.
  65. High elastic polyurethane/carbon nanotube composite laminate using as a passive antenna for structure health monitoring by gain shifting
    Olejnik R. , Matyas J. , Slobodian P. , Babar D.
  66. Monolithically integrated on silicon polychromatic Young Interferometer for label-free pesticide detection
    Petrou P. , Stavra E.
  67. Construction of an AMR magnetometer for car detection experiments
    Fura V. , Petrucha V. , Platil A.
  68. Simple estimation of dipole source z-distance with compact magnetic gradiometer
    Janosek M. , Platil A. , Vyhnanek J.
  69. Low-noise magnetic observatory variometer with race-track sensors
    Janosek M. , Petrucha V.
  70. Engineering of composite metallic microfibers towards development of plasmonic devices for sensing applications
    Petropoulou A. , Antonopoulos G. , Kakarantzas G. , Hewak D. , Zervas M. , Riziotis C.
  71. Evaluation of fluorescent nanocomposite grids and membranes based on polymeric electrospun nanofibres towards ammonia sensing
    Petropoulou A. , Christodoulou K. , Krasia-christoforou T. , Riziotis C.
  72. β-Ga2O3 thin films suitable for UV sensing.
    Arias A. , Ghose S. , Pérez O. , Rojas-ramírez J. , Curiel M. , Caro M. , Mateos D. , Valdez B. , Nedev N. , Droopad R.
  73. Strain effect in half-doped thin film manganites - potential use in electroresistive devices
    Marek W.
  74. Effect of overlayer on magnetic properties of thin film manganites
    Jedryka E.
  75. Selection of a suitable working gas for thin metal layers using magnetron sputtering
    Pokorny P.
  76. Information security threats and an easy-to-implement attack detection framework for wireless sensor network-based smart grid applications
    Tuna G. , Örenbaş H. , Daş R. , Kogias D. , Baykara M. , Gulez K.
  77. A secure and easy-to-implement web-based communication framework for caregiving robot teams
    Tuna G. , Daş R. , Tuna A. , Örenbaş H. , Baykara M. , Gulez K.
  78. New Microsensor Chip Integrated with Potassium Zinc Hexacyanoferrate Nano-composite for potentiometric Determination of Cesium (I)
    Arida H.
  79. An accurate method for determining residual stresses with magnetic non-destructive techniques in welded ferromagnetic steels
    Vourna P.
    Giouroudi I.
  81. Piezoelectric vibration energy harvesting for self-powered microsystems
    Seshia A.
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